Serdar “Sam” Guner, Grand Master of DOS Taekwondo, was born on 1981 in Wollongong, Australia. He was raised in Austria and at the age of 9, he already started training taekwondo under Master Sascha Osterman. At the age of 15, Serdar Guner already achieved the title of black belt. He also entered state, national and international competitions representing Austria first then Australia. He then developed his skills and rose through the rank and even became one of Australia’s leading exponents of Taekwondo with the help of his exceptional ability, determination, enthusiasm and focus.

Taekwondo Grand Master

On 2005, Grand Master Serdar founded and formed DOS Taekwondo, with his dojo located in Southern Sydney. The dojo has a large spacious training area and a newly redeveloped gym used for training. Serdar and his DOS Taekwondo team committed themselves to provide enjoyable, secure and progressive environment.

Currently, Taekwondo Grand Master Serdar Guner holds a 6th Dan Black Belt and he nationally recognized as a Certified Personal Trainer.
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