Welcome to DOS TAEKWONDO! Now YOU have the opportunity to see for yourself what happens to your child when their true potential is released. It’s a chance to join a winning team of dedicated individuals who are all determined to be the best they can be through the study of the DOS TAEKWONDO System.

DOS TAEKWONDO provides the most exciting and innovative programs YOU and YOUR child will ever experience in the area of child development. When answering the question, “What do you expect your child to gain from the study of Taekwondo at DOS?” the majority of parents indicate that they want their children to learn the values taught at DOS TAEKWONDO respect, responsibility and self-discipline.

All students are given equal opportunities to reach whatever level of accomplishment they desire and are given the space to decide exactly what level of skill they wish to strive. Students are encouraged to show sportsmanship and compassion for their classmates and peers.

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