Is this safe?

  • This sport may have a little degree of risks in itself, but we at DOS Taekwondo prepared interventions to make kick boxing more enjoyable and fun.
    • Safety precautions are provided before the training begins.
    • The environment is also prepared for a safe training.
    • Even the equipment is prepared to be as safe as possible.

Is this going to be time-consuming?

  • We know that most, if not everyone, has quite a hectic lifestyle that is why this training is prepared at a very convenient time.
    • Schedules for sessions are given upon application.
    • You are given the privilege to choose the most convenient time for your training.

What more can I get from this sport?

  • Other than the general benefits, you are also able to improve your:
    • Flexibility
    • Cardiorespiratory endurance
    • Agility and;
    • Balance
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