Getting started with DOS TAEKWONDO is Easy and Fun.
Most of all, it’s FREE!


How Do I Get Started?

It’s very simple, just contact us via email, phone or Facebook and reserve your child’s free one month training.

What Does The Free One Month Trial Include?

Just bring your child to their suitable class and we will take care of the rest. Our instructors will begin to teach them the basics of taekwondo while introducing your child to the overall method of our lessons.

When Do I Get My Free Uniform?

After the free trial, your child should decide to join our club and he/she will receive a free set of uniform including the belt.

What Do I Bring For My Free Trial Class?

Just yourself, wearing comfortable clothing you can jump around and kick in, also bring a water bottle.

How Many Days A Week Can I Train?

Generally we recommend that children will train twice a week, but you will have the upper hand to decide for what is best for your child.

What If I Miss A Class?

At DOS Taekwondo we understand that things change, and life can get pretty busy. If you do miss a class for any reason, you can make up this lesson either later in the week with a double class or come another day that matches your allocated session.

How Do I Get There?

For directions and our street address please refer to the link below:


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