Dos Taekwondo was formed by Sascha Ostermann in Vienna, Austria in the early 90’s. Our club in Australia was first utilized in Sutherland Shire and although we only started in 2005, our club has achieved a lot, which gave us recognition to be the leading Taekwondo Martial Arts School in Sydney.

Our taekwondo club accepts various students, young or old. As long as they are willing, dedicated and interested in learning, they are more than welcome to be a part of our Taekwondo Sydney club. Some of our students are also currently training and even competing for state, national and international sparring competitions.

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Students are given special and individual attention for learning and training for them to be able to advance faster and assimilate thoroughly. This will help them progress and achieve their goals easily. They are also given equal opportunities to attain the level of accomplishment they wish to achieve and they are guided in making decisions with respect to the level of skill they want to strive for.

Our trainers and instructors do not only teach, they facilitate students for a better learning and they are great at understanding the ambitions and desires of each and every student. They encourage and inspire our students to show compassion, consideration and sportsmanship for them and their classmates and colleagues. DOS taekwondo is not about pure training, we dedicated ourselves to give a fun, safe and progressive environment for the benefit of our students. We motivate our students to give their best and reach the peak of their potential at their own pace.
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