Master Martial Arts | Taekwondo Hand Techniques
Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Taekwondo is a wonderful self-defense technique that teaches us lots of fighting styles and life lessons. It is indeed great to learn taekwondo. More and more people who enroll in taekwondo schools have gained lots of benefits from this practice. Sydney Taekwondo Academy | Master Martial Arts is one of the leading taekwondo clubs in Sydney Australia. We have taught lots of kids and adults the importance and values of taekwondo. Some even took taekwondo as a part of their lifestyle since taekwondo also teaches a lot of life lessons and even ways to face the trials we encounter.

Taekwondo is indeed known for great fighting and defense techniques. Here are a few taekwondo techniques:

Hand Positions

ah keum sahn : arc hand
joomok : fist
sahnkal : knifehand
gawi sahnkeut : scissors-shaped spearfingers
me joomuk : hammer-fist
deung joomuk : back fist
sahn deung : back hand (also “deung sahn”)
sahn bahtong : palm heel (also “bahtong sahn”)

Hand Attacks

doo joomuk chirugi : doublefist punch
chi chirugi : uppercut punch
sewo chirugi : vertical punch
bahro chirugi : straight (return) punch
bahndae chirugi : reverse punch
doo bun chirugi : double punch
nalgeh chirugi : wing-shaped punch
nehryuh chirugi : downward punch


bahkat palmahk mahki : outer forearm block
ahn palmahk mahki : inner forearm block
sahng palmahk mahki : twin forearm block
ahnuro mahki : inward block
ahrae mahki : low block
cho kyo mahki : rising block
daebi mahki : guarding block
bituro mahki : twisting block


cha olligi : stretching kick
jillo chagi : thrusting kick
ahp chagi : front kick
yup chagi : side kick
yung seuk chagi : combination (consecutive) kick
meekulmyu chagi : sliding kick (also “mikulgi chagi”)
goollruh chagi : rolling kick
natgeh tdwim yu chagi : hopping kick


sohgi : stance
jah seh : posture (or stance) [used instead of “sohgi” in some styles]
ahnjun sohgi : sitting stance
ahp sohgi : front stance
ahp koo bi sohgi : front bent knee stance (also just “ahp koo bi”)
joong-rib sohgi : neutral stance
dong yuk sohgi : dynamic stance
cha yun sohgi : natural stance
chagi sohgi : kicking stance


Taekwondo is defined as the art of foot and fist, which may explain why most of the techniques taught in taekwondo are about hand and foot techniques. Enroll now at Sydney Taekwondo Academy to learn more about taekwondo!