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Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Taekwondo is one of the most sought after martial arts with over 70 million practitioners worldwide. This martial art is heavily focused on kicks, punches, and strikes. The Best Taekwondo Sydney is also considered one of the easiest martial arts to learn. Both kids and adults can enjoy and learn easily. However, do not let its easiness fool you! It is considered the “deadliest martial art” compared to others. Hence, all practitioners strictly follow discipline and values that are being taught.


  1. FORM – It is developed to practice following the lines systematically and consecutively, usually against an imaginary opponent using best Taekwondo Sydney techniques of the hand and foot.
  2. KICKS – This is a huge part of what you need to learn about this martial art. Kicking is involved in most of the moves you will learn and practice.
  3. FOOTWORK – It is important to practice how you would handle the delivery and the techniques of the kicks to be executed.
  4. BREAKING – To break an object means that you have control over you concentration, focus, speed, and precision needed to master the arts.
  5. SPARRING – To apply the forms and the techniques you have learned and practiced, a sparring will be done with an actual opponent. This is to hone your speed, focus, understanding, and reflexes, preparing you for different situations.


Taekwondo practitioners are rewarded with belts. So that the skills and knowledge gained throughout your martial arts journey will be honored.

  • WHITE – White is the lowest rank for beginners. This belt color represents a student’s innocence and lack of knowledge about the arts.
  • YELLOW – Yellow is the next belt color to achieve. The belt represents the sun as it continues to rise and help the seed of the taekwondo knowledge take root.
  • GREEN – The belt represents the seedling that is continuously growing. The student is beginning to grow in the ways of the best Taekwondo Sydney.
  • BLUE – You will continue to reach for the skies, like a seedling growing into  a tall tree. This belt represents the color of the sky, and the new levels of achievements in store for you.
  • BROWN – This belt color represents the ground. In addition to growing, this also means that you are now deeply rooted and reached stability.
  • RED – Red is usually associated with danger and blood.  You are now well-equipped with the skills that can harm after achieving this belt. However, maintaining discipline and good values are the true challenges.
  • BLACK – The complete opposite of the white color, therefore you already mastered everything about the arts. This symbolizes that you are no longer innocent and clueless. Maturity is already in your veins and in your hands.

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