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Pay Per Click (PPC advertising)


At FixMyWeb, we do keyword testing, analytics, PPC and more. We manage PPC advertising marketing strategies that can virtually boost both the traffic and online presence of your website. Increased traffic means increases in prospective clients, which in turn may lead to a higher conversion rate.


PPC Advertising | Fix My Web - Pay Per Click Services


PPC advertising (Pay-Per-Click) is a form of Search Engine Marketing. Websites use Pay-Per-Click platforms, such as Google Adwords, to instantly promote their products and services by displaying their site in strategic locations on both search engine and non-search engine sites.

Thousands of businesses use this marketing strategy to gain high online visibility instantly. Research has confirmed that when a visitor decides to purchase something on a website, they are more likely to come back. In this manner, a high acquisition cost can be validated when revenue is factored in. With proper management, this can prove to be fast and efficient way to increase traffic to your site.


CompetitionLocal / LowLocal / MediumLocal – National / High
Keyword Research
Targeted Keywords10 Keywords15 Keywords20 Keywords
PPC Campaign Management
Activity Reports

Our team of specialists will work with you to make sure your Pay-Per-Click marketing campaign is properly implemented. Our PPC Advertising Management Plans are designed to increase both the quality and quantity of traffic of your website, increasing your profits. Our specialists employ the most effective strategies in managing your PPC advertising campaign. With this type of marketing being very complex, our PPC plans can help make things easier.

With our effective marketing campaign strategies, we ensure that you get the most out of the services, while still sticking to your budget.

How we do our PPC Advertising:

  • We’ll test strategies to determine the most effective and efficient one for your campaign.
  • We’ll look for the best keywords and key-phrases that can generate the most visits.
  • We’ll customize the strategy based on what your needs are.

It is our goal to deliver a fool-proof marketing campaign that would enable your site to gain an increase in brand exposure, online presence, reputation, and ROI.